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Synthesis AI partners with the academic institutions through joint work with, and support of faculty and their students. Of particular interest to us is trailblazing research in the field of 3D computer graphics generation and synthetic imagery use in a variety of machine vision domains.

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Domain Adaptation
Domain shift is a challenge at the forefront of move to the use of synthetic data. Because there’s no universal approach that has been proven to work, we collaborate on research to make domain adaptation easier.
Generative 3D Face Creation
Today’s GANs are fantastic for generation of 2-dimensional faces. We’re focused on all 3-dimensions! We partner on research to increase fidelity of 3D facial computer graphics models.
2D Photo – 3D Asset Generation
To represent the real world at scale, we work on research for generation of 3D computer graphics models from simple 2D photos from any smartphone.
If you have an idea for research furthering the field of creation and use of synthetic data, we would love to hear from you.
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Synthesis AI
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Synthesis AI speaking at the MetaBeat conference on Oct 4th