Join Our Team
Together, we’re building the future of computer vision & machine learning
Computer Vision / Machine Learning Scientists
We’re always looking for the most passionate research scientists in computer vision to work on our deep generative models, e.g., GANs, for asset generation. You’ll also be working on the latest domain adaptation techniques alongside our largest customers.
Software Engineers
It’s not every system that can move terabytes of image data and (associated labels!) with ease. All of our APIs are containerized and fully scalable – and we’re on the lookout for those who can help us continue to scale.
Technical Artists
Our procedural generation pipeline is critical to our customers’ success. Join our team of amazing technical art wizards that make our millions of permutations possible.
3D Artists
We sit at the intersection of machine learning-generated & hand-crafted 3D art. Join our growing network of 3D artists who can quickly turn amazing new assets for our customers machine learning needs.