Better Models Deployed Faster With Synthetic Data

A synthetic data platform for ML engineers to enable the development of more capable AI models. Simple API’s provide on-demand generation of perfectly-labeled, diverse, and photoreal images.

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Data-Centric AI with Unparalleled Speed

Highly-scalable cloud-based generation platform delivers millions of perfectly labeled images.

On-demand data enables new data-centric approaches to develop more performant models.

Data-Centric AI with Unparalleled Speed
Better Models

Better Labels Better Models

An expanded set of pixel-perfect labels including segmentation maps, dense 2D/3D landmarks, depth maps, surface normals, and much more.

Virtually Prototype
your Products

Rapidly design, test and refine your products before building hardware.

Prototype different imaging modalities, camera placements, and lens types to optimize your system.

Virtually Prototype your Products

Build More Ethical AI

Reduce bias in your models associated with misbalanced data sets while preserving privacy. Ensure equal representation across identities, facial attributes, pose, camera, lighting, and much more.

We have worked with world-class customers across many use-cases.

We wrote the book on Synthetic Data

“…our field must tap into rich sources of synthetic and real data. Sergey Nikolenko’s book lucidly surveys the state of the art in the former, and I consider it required reading for any researcher using deep learning based methods.”

— Serge Belongie, Professor, University of Copenhagen and Director, Pioneer Centre for AI

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