Digital Humans

Digital Humans

New AR/VR and metaverse applications depend on a detailed understanding of people across a wide variety of actions and situations. However, the field is hindered by the inability to capture and annotate detailed 3D human data. With synthetic data approaches, a vast amount of diverse human data can be generated on-demand with never before available set of pixel-perfect 3D annotations to help build new and more capable human models. 

Complex Pose Estimation

Programmatic control of body types, clothing, and pose all with accurate body landmarks to help build more robust pose estimation models.
Complex Pose Estimation
Detailed Body Segmentation

Detailed Body Segmentation

Detailed segmentation masks for body parts and clothing automatically generated.

Gesture Recognition

Create animations of gestures across a wide variety of body types, camera angles, backgrounds, and environments to ensure high performance of gesture recognition models.

Activity Classification

An ever expanding set of actions and movements mapped to thousands of identities and body types.

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