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Exclusive Whitepaper
Exclusive Whitepaper
Synthetic Data Case Studies: It Just Works

In this whitepaper, we prove that synthetic data works even without complicated domain adaptation techniques in a wide variety of practical applications. We consider three specific problems, all related to human faces, show that synthetic data works for all three, and draw some other interesting and important conclusions.

Key Industry Survey
Adapt or Be Left Behind: 89 Percent of Tech Execs See Synthetic Data As a Key to Staying Ahead
An exclusive report from Synthesis AI, in conjunction with Vanson Bourne, is based on a survey of 100 senior technology executives on their perceptions of synthetic data, potential benefits and barriers of implementation, and what industry leaders think it will take to continue driving the adoption of synthetic data.
First Book on Synthetic Data
We Wrote The Book on Synthetic Data

“…our field must tap into rich sources of synthetic and real data. Sergey Nikolenko’s book lucidly surveys the state of the art in the former, and I consider it required reading for any researcher using deep learning based methods.”

— Serge Belongie, Professor, University of Copenhagen and Director, Pioneer Centre for AI
First Community for Synthetic Data
The Open Community for the Creation and Use of Synthetic Data in AI
A hub for synthetic datasets, papers, code, and people pioneering their use in machine learning. Browse published synthetic datasets, papers and/or code about data generation and training techniques, and the latest synthetic data resources.