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Generative AI

It might seem like generative models are going through new phases every couple of years: we heard about Transformers, then flow-based models were all the rage, then diffusion-based models… But in fact, new ideas build on top of older ones. In the “Generative AI” book, we provide an overview of the models and ideas that have led to the development of modern large language models and image generation models—including the models themselves. The book reviews variational autoencoders, Transformers, their combinations for image generation, multimodal retrieval, diffusion-based models, and more, ending with a chapter on AGI dangers and perspectives.

"This book… is about the heights of human ingenuity and the wonderful results that we have obtained in the field of artificial intelligence in the last decade or so… Modern AI never ceases to impress, with new exciting results appearing every week; and this is exactly what we mostly discuss in the rest of the book."

– Sergey Nikolenko

We wrote the book on generative data, and the story is changing every day. Get the book now, along with all the latest news from Synthesis AI.