Identity Verification

ID Verification

Financial, legal, government, healthcare and other institutions are increasingly using facial recognition for identity verification.

But recent events have highlighted the strong bias in existing datasets — so much so, that according to Gartner, by 2022, more than 95% of RFPS “will contain clear requirements regarding minimizing demographic bias.” With fully synthetic and evenly spread demographic identities, we can help your technology meet the requirements.

Diverse Faces

40,000 unique identities available spanning sex, age, skin tone, and body type.

Diverse Faces
Variable Appearances

Variable Appearances

Complete control of pose, hair, facial hair, masks, glasses, and more to create inter- and intra- subject variability.

Lighting and Environment

Capture individuals across a wide-range of indoor and outdoor environments & lighting conditions. Easily capture data across harsh or low light conditions to ensure robust performance.
Lighting and Environment
Camera Angle and Pose

Camera Angle
and Pose

Capture scenes across imaging modalities, lens types, and with any camera position.

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