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November 11, 2022
Yashar Behzadi
Synthesis AI Expands Product Offerings to Enable the Development of Advanced Human-Centric Computer Vision Models

Powered by generative AI and cinematic computer graphics technologies, Synthesis Humans and Synthesis Scenarios enable the simulation of complex multi-human data with unprecedented levels of detail and control

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Synthesis AI, a pioneer in synthetic data technologies, today released Synthesis Humans and Synthesis Scenarios, two new products that represent the broadest and deepest offerings of human-centric synthetic data. Through a proprietary combination of generative AI and cinematic CGI pipelines, the Synthesis platform can programmatically create vast amounts of perfectly labeled image data at orders of magnitude increased speed and reduced cost compared to current approaches.

The new offerings serve as an extension of the company’s data generation platform and aim to make the creation and implementation of synthetic data more seamless than ever before, further cementing Synthesis AI’s position as a leader in the synthetic data space.

“Synthesis Humans and Synthesis Scenarios are a natural evolution in our synthetic data roadmap,” said Yashar Behzadi, CEO and Founder of Synthesis AI. “Synthetic data powered by generative AI is now recognized as a more efficient paradigm for building computer vision AI. Our new products will enable the development of more sophisticated multi-human AI models essential for emerging applications.”

Synthesis Humans enables Machine Learning (ML) practitioners to create more sophisticated production-scale models, providing them with over 100,000 unique identities and the ability to modify dozens of attributes, including emotion, body type, clothing and motion. An intuitive user interface (UI) allows developers to quickly create labeled data, and a comprehensive API supports teams that prefer programmatic access and control.

Synthesis Scenarios is the first product that allows for fine control of complex, multi-human simulations across a varied set of environments for ML model development. Industry-leading software, consumer, Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), autonomy, teleconferencing,  and metaverse companies currently use the Synthesis AI platform to build more robust and performant models. With the new capabilities in Synthesis Humans and Synthesis Scenarios, Synthesis AI supports ML model development for a broad range of existing and emerging applications, including:

  • ID Verification: Synthesis Humans provides diverse data in a fully privacy-compliant manner, mitigating privacy and regulatory constraints associated with obtaining facial data. The feature will allow for more robust and less biased ID verification models for use cases spanning smartphones, online banking and contactless ticketing, among others.
  • AR/VR/Metaverse: AR/VR and metaverse applications rely on photorealistic capture and recreation of humans in the digital realm. Developing avatars and creating these core ML models requires vast amounts of diverse, labeled data. Synthesis Humans provides richly labeled 3D data across the broadest set of demographics available. Synthesis Scenarios supports the development of multi-person tracking and interaction models.
  • Virtual Try-On: New virtual try-on technologies are emerging to provide immersive and personal customer experiences. Synthesis Humans offers 100,000 unique identities, dozens of body types, and millions of clothing combinations to enable ML engineers to develop robust models for human body form and pose.
  • AI Fitness: Synthesis Humans delivers vast amounts of detailed human body motion data, including body types, camera positions, environments and exercise variations, to catalyze the development of new AI fitness applications.
  • Driver and Passenger Monitoring: Recent EU regulations prompted car manufacturers, suppliers and AI companies to build computer vision systems to monitor a driver’s state and help improve safety. Synthesis Humans can accurately model drivers, key behaviors and in-cabin environments to enable the cost-effective and efficient development of more capable models.
  • Teleconferencing: With the surge in remote work, employees depend on high-quality video conferencing solutions to maintain productivity. Leading companies are leveraging Synthesis Scenarios to train new ML models to improve video quality and the overall teleconferencing experience.
  • Pedestrian Detection: Safety is paramount to the deployment and widespread use of autonomous vehicles. The detailed, multi-human simulation provided by Synthesis Scenarios enables the development of more precise pedestrian detection and behavioral understanding for safe and reliable performance.
  • VFX: Creating realistic characters and facial movements for visual effects requires complex motion capture systems and facial rigs. Synthesis Humans provides the diverse video data with detailed 3D labels needed to develop core AI models while also automating much of the labor-intensive process of hand animation, background removal and effects animation.
  • Security: Synthesis Scenarios enables the simulation of complex multi-human environments, including home, office and outdoor spaces, allowing for the cost-effective and privacy-compliant development of access control and security systems. 

“Synthesis AI continues to innovate in synthetic data. The company’s platform is the first to bring generative AI together with computer graphics pipelines, helping their customers create photorealistic, diverse and perfectly labeled training data,” said Florian Leibert, General Partner and Co-Founder of 468 Capital. “The new products represent a significant advancement, enabling computer vision teams to build ML models more cost-effectively across more applications and industries.”

Synthesis Humans and Synthesis Scenarios will be available in November 2022. To learn more about synthetic data and the ways Synthesis AI is transforming the market, please visit To discuss your ML project, please email to speak with a synthetic data specialist.

About Synthesis AI

Synthesis AI, a San Francisco-based technology company, is pioneering the use of synthetic data to build more capable and ethical computer vision models. Synthesis AI enables the world’s most advanced AI companies to build more powerful and ethical computer vision. Current customers include Fortune 50 companies, top smartphone manufacturers, global technology enterprises, and leading AR/VR/metaverse companies.

About Yashar Behzadi
Yashar Behzadi is the CEO of Synthesis AI. He is an experienced entrepreneur who has built transformative businesses in AI, medical technology, and IoT markets. He has spent the last 14 years in Silicon Valley building and scaling data-centric technology companies. His work at Proteus Digital Health was recognized by Wired as one of the top 10 technological breakthroughs of 2008 and as a Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum. Yashar has over 30 patents and patents pending and a Ph.D. in Bioengineering from UCSD.