Infinite data and labels for improved models


Fine Programmatic Control

Our simple JSON-based API drives the programmatic generation of images and labels. Create millions of labeled images with low data latency with our scalable cloud infrastructure. Combine identity, appearance, environment, and camera parameters to generate vast & diverse sets of labeled training images.

Enhance Your Solution

Reduce Bias

Create targeted data to reduce class imbalance and subsequent model bias related to gender, age or ethnicity.

Better Landmark Tracking

Pixel-perfect landmarks and sub-segmentation masks enable the creation of better landmark tracking models.

More Intra-Subject Diversity

Control of hair, facial hair, make-up, glasses, hats & other accessories enables building more generalizable face recognition models.

Gaze and Emotion Estimation

Programmatic control of gaze and emotion with perfect labels to support model development.

Pose / Illumination Performance

Train with images with wide pose & illumination ranges to create more robust models.

Application Specific

Create data specific to the camera, environment and setting of your intended use.