Proprietary pipeline brings together AI and CGI

3D Models Built Using GANs & CGI
Scene Composition
Image Rendering
Data & Labels

Pixel-perfect labels for complex tasks

Since the image data is generated, the attributes of every pixel are known. Complex images are automatically labeled, enabling you to efficiently and cost-effectively train complex models.

Complicated Semantic Segmentation

Detailed Sub-Segmentation

New labels to create new models

Human labelers are unable to provide a wide-range of necessary labels for emerging applications. Synthesis’ platform can provide an expanded set of pixel-accurate labels (e.g. depth, 3D segmentation, complex pose, surface normals, velocity, etc) to enable you to build new and more capable models.

Complex Object Recognition
Surface Normals
3D Segmentation

Build better products more efficiently with virtual prototyping

Model camera placement, image modality, resolution and many more attributes to inform the overall design of your computer vision systems. Using synthetic data enables you to make smarter choices and better understand model performance before building and deploying hardware.

Simulate camera type & placement