Over 10M images delivered to world-class companies

Easy to use API

Simply specify in JSON your desired data distributions, submit a job, and our platform-as-a-service scales seamlessly in the cloud to generate terabytes of data with ease. 

Cinematic quality

Photorealistic Images

A unique combination of generative neural networks, procedural generation, and cinematic VFX rendering systems work together to deliver photorealistic images.

Unparalleled Data Diversity

Create nearly infinite data variability by combining tens of thousands of unique people, objects, and environments.
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Pixel-perfect set of rich labels

Never before available labels

Pixel-perfect set of rich labels including detailed segmentation maps, depth, surface normals, 2D/3D landmarks, and more.

We have worked with world-class customers across many use-cases.

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Synthesis AI speaking at the MetaBeat conference on Oct 4th