The Face API

Our one-of-a-kind API generates millions of images comprising unique people in a wide array of environments, with unique camera settings. Simply specify in JSON the desired distributions, and submit a job–our platform as a service scales seamlessly in the cloud to generate terabytes of data with a breeze.

Easy to Use

Simply sign up for an account, download our CLI,
and start submitting your first JSON-described distributions.

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Sexes / Ages / Skin Tones

Our API provides tens of thousands of unique identities that span sex, age groups, and ethnicity/skin tones. You can easily select the identities that are important to your model.

Specifying Identities
Procedural Facial Attributes

The Face API procedurally generates wide varieties of modifications to the face, including expressions/emotions, eye gaze, head turn, head & facial hair, and more.

More on Facial Attributes

Easily choose from built-in styles to adorn the subjects with accessories, like clear glasses, sunglasses, hats, other headwear, headphones, and face masks.

Accessories Documentation
Camera Locations & Modalities

We allow for simple, yet fine-grained control of distributions of camera angles from the aspect of the subject. Specify camera optics in a breeze as well, and even post-process for distortion. Finally, enable near-infrared (NIR) images for low-light applications.

Camera Documentation
Lighting & Environment

Specify any mix you need of indoor & outdoor environments for accurate lighting. You can also easily add directional/spot lighting to further vary conditions and emulate reality.

Environment Documentation

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